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Fujitsu Business-Centric Data Center
Intel® Xeon®
Intel Inside®. New Possibilities Outside.

Digitalization: Your Data Center is the foundation

We live in a world where people are constantly connected. As individuals we want more intuitive services. Be it large or small and medium-sized businesses, both must adapt to this rising demand and what it means for their ICT. It all depends on what you do with your IT.

A Business-Centric Data Center

What if you could turn your data center into a tool that drives your business's digitalization forward? What if you could transform your data center into a center for innovation? What if you could quickly align your data center to constantly evolving business needs? See video.

At the heart of enterprise success

You know what your enterprise needs for success - a data center that is built for growth, speed and efficiency.
Building a truly Business-Centric Data Center is no small task. But where others struggle to adapt to a hyper-connected world, you don’t have to.

It's time to turn your data center into a center of business advantage - start here.

There can be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to your data center. So we start with your business priorities then match the right mix of products, services and solutions. That way you get an end-to-end approach that can deliver what your enterprise demands.

See how Fujitsu can help large or growing businesses achieve their business objectives.

Looking beyond the hype

There’s a lot of hype around data center technologies. We’ve had a closer look at three of the current big trends and discussions.

Software-defined data centers are coming. Will you take advantage – and how? Read more.

You want IT to be faster, simpler and more flexible. This is where HCI can help. Read more.

Data is still an untapped potential and can be used to gain fresh business insights. How do you get the most out of big data? Read more.

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Fujitsu hosts various events throughout the year including our flagship Fujitsu Forum events in Tokyo and Munich. We also attend events hosted by our customers and partners to showcase our latest innovation and share insights from our experts.

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